Sunday, May 28, 2023

Big agility brag

 So……….we have a brag. 

First, Bonnet.  She went to her first agility trial.  It was a CPE trial at Muddy Paws.  I put her in 3 level 2 (I decided to skip level 1) runs on Saturday and 3 runs on Sunday.  She Q’d in 2 standard runs and a wildcard run.  She did a great job.  She really listened and did what was asked.  One of her NQ’s was because I screwed up the course (running 2 dogs is confusing and will take some getting used to).  One NQ was a dropped bar…..her only one in 6 runs.  And one NQ was because she was slightly overtime so her seconds overtime got subtracted from her score which left her 2 points short of what was needed for the game.  She did the course perfectly.

And then, Rosette!!  She was a superstar.  She ran 10 level 5 courses in 2 days.  She had 10 Q’s!!  Her special ribbon is for a perfect weekend.  It got very hot both days and Rosette just kept going.  She is such a fun, awesome dog!!

Sunday, December 4, 2022


 Rosette went to 3 days of the Thanksgiving cluster in Mass for agility.  She is competing at the highest level now…excellent standard and master jumpers.  She managed a qualifying run in master jumpers which is our first master Q.  She has to run clean and be under time in masters.  We had another jumpers run which was clean but one second over time.☹️.  She did a lovely job on a standard course but we got called for a refusal when she did a spin between obstacles.  Here are some photos taken by my friend, Jaclyn.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Nacci has a new title

 Nacci earned his CDX title!!  This took a while and a lot of training but he did it.  I am so proud of him!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

 Finally able to brag!  (Computer issues and pouring rain prevented me before now).  My teenage puppy, Bonnet, did me proud at the Tunbridge, Vermont dog show cluster.  Feeling a bit foolish, I entered her in 4 rally trials.  It was her first time in any ring!  We struggled a bit with the left 360 circle in the first trial as it was the first station.  We pulled off a Q with an 84.  But after that she got into her groove……she managed 2 perfect scores of 100 and a score of 99 in the next 3 trials.  She got 2 first places and a second, losing on time to her training buddy, same age, Breezy, the berner, with Buffy Bell.  I was very, very pleased.  Breezy and Bonnet were the only ones with a 100 in novice at that trial.  We both got titles!!  Many nice things were said about her by all 3 judges!!!!

Sterling’s Bluebonnet v. KRW RN (Gch KRW ABW Dancing in the Moonlight BCAT x Sterling’s Obsidian Rosette Delizy OA OAJ Act 1 TKN CGC)