Saturday, June 15, 2024

Litter coming

 Exciting news at Sterling Danes.  Bonnet is confirmed pregnant.  Proud dad is “Zuko” aka BJDIF CH MgcKngdms ‘Cause I Need a Man! Mom is Sterling's Bluebonnet V Krw CD RN NA OAJ

Puppies expected early July.  From the ultrasound, it looks like a small litter.  X-ray in early July to confirm litter size.

Monday, April 22, 2024

 2 new titles!!!

We went to the BOTC agility trial in Shelburne, Vt this weekend.  These dogs had a blast and worked hard!!

Rosette came home with 2 master jumper’s Q’s, 2 master standard Q’s, a QQ for Saturday, and a time to beat Q and BEST OF ALL!!!  HER MASTER STANDARD TITLE!!!!!

Bonnet had some silly moments but she got an open jumper’s Q for her title and her second open standard Q.

Now they are:

Sterling's Bluebonnet V Krw CD RN NA OAJ

Sterling's Obsidian Rosette Delizy MX MXJ XF ACT1 CGC TKN 

I am so very proud of these girls.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

New champion

 While Phaedra celebrated her 6th birthday, her daughter Rya became a Canadian champion.  Phaedra is a Lark daughter, bred by me and owned by both myself and Jaclyn Watts.  Rya is cobred and co-owned by Jacklyn and me.  Photo by Jaclyn.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Mother and daughter

 We went to the thanksgiving cluster agility trial this past weekend.  This is a huge event with over 6,000 entries!  Rosette came away with 2 Q’s, T2B and master standard.  Bonnet did the match on Friday because she struggled with contacts in her 2 previous AKC attempts.  On Saturday and Sunday she ran novice jumpers and novice standard.  She dropped a bar in her first jumpers run but Q’d in her second run for her novice jumpers title.  She clipped the broad jump in her first standard attempt which NQ’d us but she did all her contacts🙂.  On Sunday, she Q’d in standard for her first leg.  It was an amazingly well run trial considering the numbers!  But it was a noisy and chaotic environment for an inexperienced dog and I was very proud of Bonnet!


 Good girl, Bonnet!!  2 new titles in less than a week!   NAJ on Sunday and CD today!  At the Warner Brook trial (Chinook Club of America) in Pittsford, Vt, she qualified for her 3rd leg with a first place and 194.  Judge was Lorraine Moffa.

Sterling’s Bluebonnet v. KRW CD RN NAJ (pending AKC confirmation)

Sunday, October 15, 2023


 Rosette, Bonnet and I went to the Hilltown Hound’s CPE agility trial at Muddy Paws this weekend.  It was nice, cool weather, no rain, and lots of wonderful people.  The judge was Doreen Muddy Paws.  Bonnet Q’d 5 out of 8 runs in level 3.  Rosette Q’d in 4 out of 4 runs (level5) giving her the 2 Q’s she needed for her C-ATCH!!!  Needless to say, this was a very exciting moment for us!  It was especially thrilling to do it under Doreen, who also happens to be our instructor. We needed a jackpot and snooker Q and we got both.  These strategy games are difficult for me.  Rosette does fine as long as I am smart enough to send her to the right places!!  I am extremely grateful to Doreen for her endless patience in helping us navigate this exhilarating but complicated sport.  And to Rosette who also has endless patience with me as her handler.  And to Bonnet who is willing to learn this game with me.  And to ALL our supporters too numerous to list!  So many friends, new and old, have cheered us on!!