Tuesday, July 19, 2022

 Finally able to brag!  (Computer issues and pouring rain prevented me before now).  My teenage puppy, Bonnet, did me proud at the Tunbridge, Vermont dog show cluster.  Feeling a bit foolish, I entered her in 4 rally trials.  It was her first time in any ring!  We struggled a bit with the left 360 circle in the first trial as it was the first station.  We pulled off a Q with an 84.  But after that she got into her groove……she managed 2 perfect scores of 100 and a score of 99 in the next 3 trials.  She got 2 first places and a second, losing on time to her training buddy, same age, Breezy, the berner, with Buffy Bell.  I was very, very pleased.  Breezy and Bonnet were the only ones with a 100 in novice at that trial.  We both got titles!!  Many nice things were said about her by all 3 judges!!!!

Sterling’s Bluebonnet v. KRW RN (Gch KRW ABW Dancing in the Moonlight BCAT x Sterling’s Obsidian Rosette Delizy OA OAJ Act 1 TKN CGC)

Monday, May 30, 2022

Rosette, super star!!

 Rosette and I spent the weekend at a CPE agility trial at Muddy Paws Canine Center. Over the 3 days, we did all 10 runs (level 3) and qualified in 8!!!!  Proudest moment was our jackpot run…..non traditional jackpot with 2 gambles and Rosette successfully did both!!  One was jump-A frame-jump and one was 3 tunnels with 2 across the back and one along the wall.  I was pretty sure she would do the 3 tunnels.  But I did not know what she would do when she climbed the A frame, and, I was not close by.  She went up, looked over at me as if to say “what are you doing way over there” came down correctly and followed my cues to the jump!!  She picked up a bunch more points doing other things and we finished, in time, with many more points than we needed.  We can now move up to level 5 in jackpot and standard (we had 4 standard Q’s!!!).  We still have to grab a few more level 3 Q’s in the other games.  Rosette had fun and got quite a few compliments.  As usual, we were the only Dane🙂

Sunday, December 5, 2021


 Jaclyn made it out of Canada for 4 days of dog shows in Springfield, Mass.  She brought Hudson and Phaedra.  I took Rosette for agility.  These 4 shows are the biggest around offering obedience, rally, agility, and conformation plus specialties in different breeds.  There were 2 Dane specialties plus the regular shows so Jaclyn’s dogs showed 6 times.  Rosette ran 6 agility courses in 3 days.  Rosette qualified in 2 giving her 2 of 3 legs needed for her open standard agility title.  Hudson won reserve (runner up award) at one specialty and he had a HUGE win at the last show of the cluster going Best of Breed over all the Danes there giving him 4 points towards his American championship.  He is already a Canadian champion.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Rosette and Bonnet

 Rosette went to an agility trial and managed a qualifying run in jumpers.  This is her first “Q” at the open level.  Bonnet is 6 months old!!  Where has the time gone??