Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I have been remiss not to announce the addition of Pickle to the group at Sterling Danes.  Marni Kueber, who is the breeder of Callie's father, took a stud fee pick of litter puppy 3 1/2 years ago.  A pretty black girl, Darkhorse Pickle of a Dilly v. Sterling aka "Beckett" went to live with Marni.  When Marni heard that I had failed at achieving a pregnancy for Callie, she offered me a puppy out of Beckett.  This was an amazing and generous offer so I accepted.  Pickle was born on Dec. 21 and came to live with me 2 weeks ago.  Welcome Pickle!!!!!!! (Darkhorse Sterlng Pickled Pink)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

No puppies!!

I am devastated and shocked to report that Lark is not pregnant.  I was so sure we would get it right this time.  I did an ultrasound on Friday and there were no puppies seen.  I am sick to my stomach about this for me, and, for all the wonderful folks who were hoping for a puppy.  I am not going to give up and will try again next time.  But I cannot ask anyone to wait any longer.  Teresa Labrie of wysiwyg Great Danes has one, and maybe 2, who have been bred.  I suggest that anyone who wants a puppy this spring/summer go to her website and fill out an application and get on her list.  Her website is   One litter, I believe, is an all black litter.  The other one will be all blue.  I do not know of any other northeast puppies from reputable breeders.  If I hear of any, I will put a notice up on this blog.  I am so sorry.  I will trudge on and will try again on the next cycles of both girls.  I will definitely try a natural breeding next time.  Not quite sure of my plans yet.  CALLIE should be in heat in May and I will formulate a plane before then.